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Top Ten Wedding Videos

I spent 15 years shooting wedding videos. I moved to Playa del Carmen in 2005 to start PlayaWeddings. My wife Rachel and I shot in the Riviera Maya until we closed our business in 2009. I compiled my top ten videos from the hundreds of videos we posted on YouTube. My best years were 2012 and 2013. Most of the selections are from this period. It was the most inspired.


My top choice is a Trailer, just a taste of how the event will unfold. Brief and to the point. The soundtrack is the instrumental mix of “Undisclosed Desires” by Muse. I heard this in a mash up and found some good sources for instrumental mixes that DJs use to mash. Lots of well framed still shots here. This wedding began at the immaculate Fairmont MayaKoba resort and moved to Xcaret for the ceremony and reception. These are the top choices available in the Riviera Maya, helping make it the number one PlayaWeddings Wedding Video.

Resort: Fairmont MayaKoba (

Venue: Xcaret (


A Catholic ceremony followed by a Mayan ceremony. Johanna and Cristiano came from Italy to be married at a private beach chapel at Playa Del Secreto just north of Playa del Carmen. I was watching a lot of Ray Estrada’s wedding videos at the time ( I was really inspired by his simple, yet dynamic camera moves and the ability to find the light, stay put and let the shot develop.

Venue: Secret Jewel Playa del Secreto (


This was the first wedding that I committed to using all vintage lenses. It came by necessity, my M42 adapter had become stuck on my Canon 5D MII and I couldn’t get it off before the wedding, so I grabbed all my M42 lenses. I used a 70s era Japanese Accura Diamatic 35mm lens, a 58mm Helios 44-2 and a Zeiss Jenna 135mm. Vintage lenses became my standard set after this wedding.

Venue: Hacienda Corazon (


Once again the venerated combo of Fairmont Mayakoba and Xcaret. Can’t go wrong. This time I brought out a strange lens. A Zeiss Jena 85mm projector lens that had been custom fitted to the Canon. I got some beautiful flares and bokeh from this lens.

Resort: Fairmont MayaKoba (

Venue: Xcaret (


Stacey and Ben didn’t give me any direction musically for the soundtrack so I went with this brilliant mash up by Richard Massey “My Novacaine Halo (Beyonce v Coldplay v Green Day)” ( Back at the Fairmont Mayakoba, the photographer was Vincent Ribon (Zasil Graph). I can’t seem to find him online anymore. He was really fun to work with and never disappointed with shot opportunities.

Resort: Fairmont MayaKoba (


Diana and Sanjay had a unique double wedding, Hindu and Zoroastrian. The latter happened at dusk with a lot of rice thrown about. They were both lovely, it was a real joy to capture this day from start to finish. I was rocking a JC Penney 135mm lens that I bought at Goodwill. Tremendous flares during the photo shoot.

Venue: Beach Palace, Cancun (


The Banyan Tree Mayakoba is another impeccable resort in the Mayakoba complex. I really enjoyed putting the soundtrack together for this video. It features music from Apricot Rail (, Helios ( and Poolside (

Venue: Banyan Tree Mayakoba (


Brenda is Mexican, Etienne is French, they came to Mexico to get married and returned to Paris to live. This wedding was at Dreams Tulum, a really unique place. It takes a while to get there, it’s the last all-inclusive resort on the highway south. There’s nothing on either side of it so it’s secluded and totally private. A hike south on their beach and you will find no one around you and the beach to yourself. Weddings are grest here because the food is great and they offer a garden location, a secluded beach location and a bonafide Catholic Chapel.

Venue: Dreams Tulum (


This iconic Playa del Carmen venue, Hotel Basico, no longer exists, <sad emoji>. Nor does this period of 5th Avenue in the city. This really was Playa at it’s best. I shot this with the legendary Sol Tamargo ( from DelSol Photography (

Venue: gone


Here I’m using my Zeiss projector lens and getting great bokeh during the bridal photo session. The rest was mostly the Zeiss Planar 50mm f2. This is a great value for the money. Crisp when it needs to be and great bokeh wide open. I’m big on Zeiss lenses on all cameras.

Venue: Azul Sensatori (

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Sargasso in the Riviera Maya

What is sargasso?

Sargasso is a type of seaweed that is often found in the Sargasso Sea, a region located in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is a floating algae that is unique in that it does not attach itself to the ocean floor or any other surfaces. Instead, it drifts with the ocean currents, creating a distinctive ecosystem that supports a variety of marine life. Sargasso is an important part of the ocean’s ecosystem, as it provides food and shelter for various species of fish, turtles, and other marine life.

However, in recent years, the amount of sargasso washing up on the shores of the Riviera Maya has been increasing significantly. This has caused concern among locals and tourists alike, as the buildup of sargasso can have a negative impact on the area’s beaches and marine life.

How can we avoid Sargasso?

The build up of sargasso on the shore is dependent on the season and the currents of the water. The levels of sargasso change daily and with the season. A good rule of thumb is that it recedes in the winter and spring, the perfect time for a destination wedding. Fortunately there are areas in the Riviera Maya where the current does not deposit the seaweed on the beach, keeping it clean for your destination wedding and your guests. A great page on Facebook posts regular maps and crowd sourced photos from current guests in the area.

Here is a map from March 2023.

North of Cancun is the Playa Mujeres are where sargasso rarely accumulates due to the current of the water through the straight. Across from Playa Mujeres is Isla Mujeres, another are that stays relatively free of sargasso. These resorts are on a gated peninsula offering an extra layer of security and privacy.

  1. Excellence Playa Mujeres
  2. Beloved Playa Mujeres
  3. Secrets Playa Mujeres
  4. Dreams Playa Mujeres
  5. Finest Playa Mujeres
  6. Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa
  7. TRS Coral Hotel
  8. Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres Resort & Spa.
  9. Atelier Playa Mujeres

Excellence Playa Mujeres

Beloved Playa Mujeres

Secrets Playa Mujeres

Dreams Playa Mujeres

Finest Playa Mujeres

Villa del Palmar Cancun Luxury Beach Resort & Spa

TRS Coral Hotel

Palladium Hotel Costa Mujeres

Atelier Playa Mujeres

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is an island that offers more privacy and unique locations for a destination wedding. Here’s some wedding videos from the Zama Beach Club on the island’s coast:


The issue of sargasso in the Riviera Maya is a complex one, with no easy solution. However, it is clear that the presence of sargasso has had a significant impact on the area’s tourism industry. While efforts are being made to address the problem, it is important to remember that sargasso is a natural occurrence in the ocean and plays an important role in cleaning the sea. However with careful planning and an eye on current trends, you can avoid it for your destination wedding.